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Finance & Accounting

Financial organizations around the world are facing the blow of higher instability, uncertain business, regulatory and socio-political environments putting pressure on them to build their bottom-line more predictable and sustainable. In addition to this, they also need to work around a framework to improve processes and make sure of the financial stability.

Human Resource Outsourcing

Globally, Every Organization today are demanding the HR Function to better leverage the talent and resources available internally. On the base, HR Function looks beyond ‘reducing cost per employee’ and focusing more on improving employee experience & productivity to construct a stronger support system for the organization’s growth. Human Resource Outsourcing (HRO) has become a sustainable and infact necessary option to control costs and meet the expanding HR objectives.

Sourcing And Procurement

Enterprises and small companies across the world are under increasing pressure to improve efficiencies across their Sourcing and Procurement value chain, to minimize cost of operations, leverage scale and opportunities to maximize savings, increase productivity, generate end-to-end visibility and drive compliance. Sourcing and Procurement functions considerably impact and contribute in achieving these objectives and facilitate a total cost of ownership approach across the supply chain functions.

Customer Management Services

In today’s world, Customer Management Services have moved beyond being a pure cost centers to platforms which build brand loyalty, offer ease of support to agents through analytical recommendations and consumer behavioral insights. These create revenue, improve stickiness, help to reduce costs, and provide an overall customer experience which is uniform across multi-channel environments. The platforms are built on smart pillars incorporating analytics and technology backed delivery engines.

Knowledge Services

Keeping in mind on a tough economy giving pressures on margins, shorter time-to-market, and the technology empowered customers demanding best in-class-service, organizations are under pressure to maintain profitability, and look to generate value through high quality business expertise and superior productivity.
Tenara’s Knowledge Services is a premeditated step to help you improve service levels, reduce costs, modernize processes, improve process efficiencies, and gain access to best-in-class processes without investing in requisite technology and skills.

Robotic Process Automation

In a phase where the BPS industry is growing fast, clients are demanding competitive pricing. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) helps organizations to reduce cost and improve customer experience by eliminating human errors. RPA has been a shot-in-the-arm for outsourced processes as it reduces costs associated with labor, which is the axle of the service industry today.

Designed for everyone, everywhere.

In Today’s fast world, the Global markets have cultured to be highly industry and process oriented and sector specific, and also, there has been a major shift from the early days of business process services to a newer technology oriented business process outsourcing

Customer Support Services

Data Processing

Data Entry Services

Data Transcription


Tenara Technologies is an one-stop-shop for your end-to-end business process outsourcing needs.


In Business Process Services, customary operating models have focused on cost reduction and service excellence.Operational leaders in the today’s world are facing a dynamic and challenging business environment, the trend is changing to create speedy business value from operations while ensuring that, the technology is well-aligned to business requirements. Making sure that adequate controls and risk reduction are taken care, especially during business change due to transition or transformation is also a key priority.
Business enterprises and organizations have often made heavy investments in IT systems which are sluggish to process level changes and fail to provide a holistic view of business operations. This forces a need for a technology platform that can combine diverse systems for unified and end-to-end operations management.


It’s a customer’s world today and our end Customers are continuously connected and have endless choice of channels for reaching out to companies. They are mobile sources, active on social networks and have access to competition information. Customer Experience has thus materialized as a powerful differentiator for every organization for its revenue growth and protection. Faced with these disturbing forces, customer service oriented departments are challenged to offer streamlined service across disparate channels, gain insight from customer transactions across various touch points, predict customer behavior or preferences and provide customized sales and service without adding to operational costs.

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Tenara Technologies is an one-stop-shop for your end-to-end business process outsourcing needs.

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