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SAP Business Objects Business Intelligence

Tenara technologies services on Business intelligence and visualization authorize people with self-service access to the data and visualizations they need to make faster, more informed decisions with SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence (BI) software. Drive smarter processes to get better performance metric tracking and help your employees turn out to be more effective in everything they perform.

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In Today’s fast world, the Global markets have cultured to be highly industry and process oriented and sector specific, and also, there has been a major shift from the early days of business process services to a newer technology oriented business process outsourcing

SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence consists of several components:

  • SAP Lumira
  • SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards
  • SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio
  • SAP Crystal Reports
  • SAP BusinessObjects Analysis MS Office
  • SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform
  • SAP BusinessObjects Explorer
  • SAP BusinessObjects Mobile

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NEW: SAP InfiniteInsight

Let us imagine that you could help your customers to immediately predict demand or supply across their entire supply chain or they can provide precisely the right offers and services to each and every customer as needed. Tenara Technologies Columbus ohio, supports you to control the predictive capabilities of SAP InfiniteInsight for your application with its simple to use and innate modeling and visualization on top of an open and flexible platform. We create applications that let your clients or customers forecast and act in real-time instead of relying on batch, thereby facilitate real-time promotions, indentifying frauds, risk mitigation, revenue optimization, and customer retention.

Key strengths of OBI SE1 are:

  • It is a total solution including database – the package provides Business Intelligence tools for reporting, analysis, as well as ETL and a database to act as a data warehouse.
  • Low entry price (up to 50 named users)
  • Multiple data source semantic layer – can combine multiple, different data sources.
  • For those familiar with Oracle Discoverer, they will find OBI SE1 to be a better option for query, dashboarding and reporting.

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