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Oracle BI

Oracle offers three different applications along with licensing options for Business Intelligence and Data warehousing.

Those tools are:

  • Oracle Discoverer 10g (Oracle BI Suite Standard Edition),
  • Oracle Business Intelligence Standard Edition One (for mid-market segment) and
  • Oracle BI Suite Enterprise Edition (formerly Siebel Analytics).

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In Today’s fast world, the Global markets have cultured to be highly industry and process oriented and sector specific, and also, there has been a major shift from the early days of business intelligence services to a newer technology oriented business intelligence

Oracle Discoverer 10g (Oracle BI Suite Standard Edition) Query & Analysis

Oracle Discoverer is an improvised query and analysis tool which allows users to do basic query construction along with tables, cross tabs and charts. End users can interactively navigate, drill down, slice and dice, aggregate and add calculations. It is very commonly used with Oracle RDMBS (most likely with the OLAP database option) and embedded in a number of Oracle Applications in the Oracle e-Business Suite.

The major advantages of Discoverer are Personalized Portals where worksheets can be tailored at the portal level for each user, the reality that it comes in a bundle which affects its price and its technology infrastructure is generally very well received by IT.

The setback with Discoverer is that its future is rather uncertain and it should be rather considered as a legacy product. amongst other weaknesses it is worth stating that it is Oracle only (only Oracle native connection, no multiple data sources, other RDBMS via ODBC only) and its reporting capabilities are limited to singly block (only one graph/crosstab/table).

Discoverer competes with Query Studio, Analysis Studio, Report Studio (for IBM Cognos 8) and SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence and Desktop Intelligence.

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Oracle BI Suite Enterprise Edition

Business enterprises and organizations have often made heavy investments in IT systems which are sluggish to process level changes and fail to provide a holistic view of business operations. This forces a need for a technology platform that can combine diverse systems for unified and end-to-end operations management.

  • Oracle BI Interactive Dashboards – dashboarding solution and a way to distribute Oracle BI Answers reports
  • Oracle BI Delivers – Business activity monitoring (BAM) and alerting solution
  • Oracle BI Disconnected Analytics – mobile analytics
  • Oracle BI Publisher (formerly known as XML Publisher) – Enterprise reporting and distribution of “pixel-perfect” reports
  • Oracle BI Briefing Books – creates snapshots of dashboard pages for offline use

Oracle Business Intelligence Standard Edition One Mid-Market

Introduced in June 2007, Oracle BI Standard Edition One (OBI SE1) is a packaging of Business Intelligence and data warehouse products focussed at providing a complete solution for the mid-market (5-50 named users).

Oracle Business Intelligence Standard Edition One is a subset of Oracle BI Enterprise Edition (previously Siebel Analytics) containing basic functionality like dashboarding, improvised querying and pixel perfect static reporting, and also data integration and database technology.

OBI SE1 includes the following applications:

  • Oracle BI Dashboards –dashboarding providing the ability to combine ad hoc and pixel perfect reports, provide links between them and a drill through functionality.
  • Oracle BI Answers – Ad-hoc query with analysis limited to drilldown.
  • Oracle BI Publisher – Reporting tool to create and distribute pixel-perfect formatted reports.
  • Oracle Warehouse Builder (OWB) – An ETL tool bundled with Oracle RDMS.
  • Oracle Database Standard Edition One – a database offering packaged and priced for small-to-medium businesses or departmental systems providing full database functionality (limited to 2 CPU).
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