ECommerce Designing

Tenara Technologies ecommerce websites are designed by itself as a sales representative that explains the features of the product and drive customers to buy it and thus making the transaction as simple and as enjoyable for the end customers. This leads to the higher sales, repeated customers and an increased traffic for your ecommerce site.

Tenara Technologies in Columbus, ohio, Offers affordable and low cost Ecommerce designing and development services.

ECommerce Designing

Tenara Technologies ecommerce websites are built to make the buying process as simple and enjoyable as possible for the user. That is why each of our clients gets a higher increase in traffic, sales, and repeat visitors.

Key features of the ecommerce website design by Tenara Technologies

  • Exclusive ecommerce design (no templates)
  • Designed to maximize Return on Investment
  • Allows for full control of your store and product inventory
  • Marketplace integration allows sales and order management via third party websites (Amazon, eBay, Play etc.)
  • Enables your ecommerce store to be published in shopping feeds (Google Shopping)
  • Complete support for multiple currencies and languages
  • Integration with stock, accounting and warehousing systems
  • Broadcast your ecommerce store on social networks

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We are transforming sales for business

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We provide complete report, on design and assessment of your e-commerce business solutions for a better development of the content on your page.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Comprehensive reporting to help track website performance and sales
  • Dedicated support and high-availability, high-performance hosting
  • SSL secure checkout (https)
  • Express Checkouts & Integration into leading Payment Gateways.
  • Advanced search

We at Tenara, develop custom components to support integration between retail systems, and in particular have deep skills in the implementation of the Microfishe, Demandware, hybris and Intershop platforms. Our e-commerce website design solutions are tailored to offer you updated features and functionality, on one hand and customization on the other. E-Commerce Solutions provides the cutting edge accessibility and flexibility to people.

Development services from Tenara Technologies guarantee successful projects deliveries highly customized and within the time constraints.

We offer the customers with the following support:

  • Creative design bearing in mind according to your preferences
  • Uncomplicated yet striking Web design
  • Developing new balancing functionality
  • Creating interfaces to third-party systems
  • Developer and user documentation

Ecommerce websites designed by Tenara Technologies tend to be superior and a lot of additional features can be included in the package. Rest assured that, our professional ecommerce designer teams in ohio, recognize every device and every detail that can be employed within your site to drive up sales.

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