One Stop Ecommerce

Tenara Technologies will not only roll out, plan, and operate your Internet sales channel we also take responsibility of your online shop for the success and the revenue it develops. We handle the following services

Tenara Technologies in Columbus, ohio, Offers affordable and low cost one stop e-commerce consulting services.

ECommerce Designing

Our Services for promotions include:

  • Characterizing the product variety
  • Optimizing pricing within the online shop
  • Ensuring correct consignment
  • Designing the online shop
  • Managing workers and partners
  • Advertising undertakings
  • Monitoring sales processes
  • Customer administration
  • Economic administration
  • Accounting

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We are transforming sales for business

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One stop shop

Little functionality offered by Tenara Technologies includes:

  • Flexible product grouping and production
  • Product assessments
  • Product bundling
  • Cross-selling
  • Up-selling

We at Tenara Technologies offer the clients with a fully outsourced retail e-commerce development and management solution. We have a better experience in brand awareness, technological savvy and have many ways to grow your business rapidly.

Why Choose Tenara Technologies for E-Commerce?

  • We have several Experiences and have launched websites for leading brands & retailers.
  • shrink overall costs.
  • Personalized integration with your business needs increases the productivity.
  • You will be able to extend your brand and have a better service and technology.
  • For better customer experience we have a better control over the leading software and technology.
  • Shorten your time to market and build profits faster.
  • Simplified order fulfillment, warehousing and returns.
  • Multiple sales channels integration for a better customer experience.
  • With a better customer service you can Build customer retention and satisfaction.
  • Cost-effective revenue-sharing pricing model.

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