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Tenara technologies has been developing Android applications for clients for the past two years. Our developers at Tenara have become conversant with the APIs offered by the Android SDK. We deliver applications that can access device sensors such as camera, accelerometer, gyrometer, magnetometer, light sensors and exchange data via Bluetooth or near field communication.

Our team of professional and skilled mobile app developers will tailor your required mobile app with their excellent app development knowledge. Let it be the web services integration, authorization, push messaging, augmented reality, social network integration, real time navigation and user interaction, background processing, or data syncing with remote database, our team has tailored applications that integrate and utilize all of these.

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Tenara Technologies is an one-stop-shop for your end-to-end mobile application needs.

At Tenara, We perform,

  • Multi-platform expertise
  • Lightweight proof of concepts
  • Scalable application architecture
  • Dedicated QA team for mobile testing
  • Extensive system integration testing
  • Expertise in usability and user experience
  • Usable and ergonomically suited app designs
  • Reasonable and up-to-date security protocols

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Tenara Technologies is an one-stop-shop for your end-to-end mobile application needs.

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