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BlackBerry is an influential platform best known for its on-device message encryption. Safety, security and reliability are characteristics that make BlackBerry smart and attractive to enterprises and government agencies. With their experience, engineers at Tenara technologies can build enterprise grade solutions that extend the capabilities of this platform further than emails and messages.

BlackBerry smart phone applications can be developed as a web app or a Java app. Web apps are written using HTML/CSS/JavaScript and run on the BlackBerry browser. The Java app is developed using native BlackBerry APIs and can make full use of the device capabilities. A third and hybrid variety combines a HTML user interface and Java API access.

Native Java development supports the maximum degree of customization to BlackBerry applications. Java apps can access input devices such as touch screen, trackball and trackwheel, make use of data from the accelerometer, and store data locally in SQLite database. These apps also offer the best user experience.

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Java applications are feature rich and offer greater flexibility, but they take longer time and resources to develop. When time and cost are constraints and your app does not need a push notification, a web app may be the way to go. At Tenara, we help you to judge the pros and cons and decide on the suitable path. At Tenara technologies Columbus Ohio, the BlackBerry development team can handle HTML Web works as well as the native Java SDK.

A key challenge in Black Berry app development is the unavailability of some of the popular third party libraries. Our skilled mobile app developers in Columbus ohio, have successfully written those library equivalents and supported our enterprise clients. Even though J2ME programming has certain restrictions when compared with Objective C and Java, our Black berry professionals have overcame these limitations with their extreme solutions.

At Tenara technologies Columbus ohio, our app developers choose between BlackBerry Java Development Environment and BlackBerry plug-in for Eclipse to build native apps. As a base work procedure, we test on a selection of devices before certifying the apps for delivery. We at Tenara Technologies, have developed several BlackBerry apps that improve employee productivity and efficiency. We are equally experienced in tuning the platform for consumer-focused applications.

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