Cloud Monitoring

Cloud services like Amazon® EC2, Rackspace® or GoGrid® are flexible, leaving you with less control over your data. Monitoring them precisely with customary tools can be a frightening.

Monitor your cloud infrastructure with Tenara Technologies and make your life easy!.

Key features:

  • Track virtual server instances.
  • Trigger event and notifications in case of server failures.
  • Add monitors and notifications automatically for newly launched servers based on user defined rules.
  • Automatically deploy the Tenara agent on new servers to monitor their performance and resource utilization.
  • Eliminate time consuming setups required with other uptime and end-user monitoring services.

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Mail Server monitoring

With Tenara technologies mail server monitoring services, get rid of any email delay that can slow down your business and harm its repute. Our Mail Server monitoring provides uptime, end-to-end, round-trip email server monitoring to check your mail server receptiveness and recognize any outage that occurs in your email delivery process.

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ERT monitoring

Have you ever had troubles with emails delivered late or getting lost? Tenara technologies Email Round-Trip Monitoring simulates the complete email delivery processes and detects any mail issue you may face. We send test emails, both SMTP for outbound and POP3/IMAP for inbound accounts to your server to test the efficiency of mail server system.

  • End-to-end testing of incoming (IMAP, POP3) and outgoing emails (SMTP)
  • No costly IT implementations required
  • Performance reports down to 1 minute
  • Including MX record

SMPT monitoring

If your mail server has issues and causes problems to your clients and colleagues, you can identify the malfunctions with SMTP mail server monitoring service to improve the performance of your server!

Key features:

  • Test the availability and response time of your outgoing (SMTP) mail server
  • Instant alerts on your mobile phone, email, SMS, Live voice
  • No installations or costly set ups
  • Multiple worldwide checkpoints
  • Failure status report

IMAP monitoring

Any email outage is tremendously troublesome and that’s why it is so important to test email availability, service continuity and response. The checks verify that the IMAP server provides IMAP email reclamation properly and your SSL/TLS certificates are performing well from multiple locations around the world.

  • Alerts about any failure of the server
  • Reduces the risk of business interruptions and revenue loss

POP3 monitoring

Since emails are indispensable for our daily business communication you can test your POP3 mail server availability with our POP3 Monitoring and see any error messages raised by your mail exchange server.

  • Monitor your outgoing mail server around the clock – 24/7
  • Reduce the risk of business interruptions and revenue loss

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