Custom Monitoring

Do you have exclusive monitoring needs? Our service is tailored for hassle-free customization. With Tenara’s open API, you get virtually unlimited opportunities to extend our product to devices and applications and monitor any kind of system and business metrics you need. It’s that easy and makes it possible to monitor your entire IT stack from just one dashboard!

Tenara Technologies in Columbus, ohio, Offers affordable and free software consulting services.

Real user monitoring

Key features:

  • Easy to use API with full documentation
  • SDKs for all popular languages including Java, Perl, Python, PHP, Ruby, C#

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Open API monitoring scripts

  • Popular web servers: Apache™ HTTP server, Tomcat, Nginx, Node.js™ and Microsoft® IIS
  • SQL Server®, and NoSQL databases and storages: MS SQL , PostgreSQL, Cassandra, MongoDB®, Apache HBase™, Berkeley DB, Riak, Memcached
  • Microsoft Exchange, Active Directory®, ISA, SharePoint®, printers
  • Virtual and Cloud platforms: Windows Azure™, Amazon AWS, XEN, VMware®, Hyper V®
  • Mac OS®

Development services from Tenara Technologies guarantee successful projects deliveries highly customized and within the time constraints.

Key benefits when using Tenara Technologies Monitoring services

  • Get your life back
  • Grow your business and boost your ROI
  • Make your life less stressful
  • Know about the issues

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