Website Monitoring

A sluggish, unresponsive website can show expensive. Maximize your end-user experience with the mixture of; Website uptime monitoring, Full page load, Transaction monitoring, and Web Stress tester.

A slow, unresponsive website can verify expensive. Every second of website downtime or slow response time affects not only your income, but also impacts your brand standing.

Tenara technologies at Columbus Ohio, maximizes the end-user experience by the combination of Website uptime monitoring, Full page load and Transaction monitoring, Web Stress Tester

Tenara Technologies in Columbus, ohio, Offers affordable and free software consulting services.

Uptime Monitoring

Check availability and response time of websites, applications, cloud and hosted services with our easy-to-use tool. It is completely cloud based; meaning no software or hardware is needed. In just 3 minutes, you’ll be up and running with our round the clock monitoring service.

  • Down to 1 minute monitoring intervals and 2 years historical archive
  • 30+ check locations from all the major markets worldwide
  • Multiple protocols, such as HTTP, HTTPS, PING, DNS
  • Email checks using SMTP, POP3 and IMAP protocols
  • Public IP checks using TCP, UDP and ICMP protocols
  • VoIP checks using SIP protocol
  • Webpage content checks
  • Instant breakdown alerts via email, instant message, Text/SMS or live voice, mobile apps
  • Detailed daily, weekly, and monthly reporting with service level metrics per interval

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Full page load monitoring

A sluggish loading website can create customers’ annoyance and kill your commerce, sending customers elsewhere, never to return. Tenara technologies full page load monitoring will track the loading times of your website from beginning to end. Keep your user experience optimized and get better ROI by monitoring the load times of each lone element of your page in real browsers.

  • Breakdowns of page loads per components
  • Load times of all images, CSS, JavaScript, RSS, Flash, frames, etc.
  • Detailed timelines of each individual request
  • Alerts when elements of any page don’t load(e.g., “404 error”)

Transaction Monitoring

If your website is up and running, everything seems to be fine, there’s always a danger whereby application flow’s key parts, such as shopping carts, registration pages, etc may not be functioning properly.

Tenara Technologies transaction monitoring service assure your ecommerce engine is functioning properly, end user’s interaction with your website, Repeatedly monitors web and application transactions and alerts you when any one step in the online process stops working correctly.

  • User experience simulation from over 30 locations worldwide
  • Ready to use templates for widely used transactions
  • Visualization of each individual step’s performance
  • Detailed diagnostics and drill-downs for performance analysis
  • Custom thresholds per step’s execution time

Web Stress Tester

Do you know how much stress your website can endure?

Can you stress test your web services down to the transaction levels?

These are serious metrics that become critical especially even before such events as:

  • Online sales promotion campaigns
  • University admissions periods
  • Cyber Monday or Christmas
  • Super Bowl ad campaigns and many more.

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