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About Us

About Us

Tenara is a fast-growing, enterprise software company delivering innovative IT Service Management & cloud solutions enabling performance and efficiency optimization.

At Tenara we aim to become a trusted partner for our clients by working with both Business and IT and unlocking company potential through a holistic approach to digital business transformation.

Leveraging our comprehensive suite of solutions for management of any kind of enterprise data and operations, fully supported by our consulting, integration and implementation services and reduced time-to-market solutions, Tenara truly enhances individual, team and corporate performance and ultimately ensures our customers’ success.

Our Vision

To succeed in a highly competitive and interconnected global environment, businesses need to stay on top of their operational efficiencies and deliver the best possible experience to their customers.


With software proved to be the key business enabler, today this calls for top-down rethinking of enterprise digital strategy and undertaking a comprehensive digital transformation.


To enable this transformation, Tenara provides the scalable foundation and a complete set of consulting and implementation services ensuring a comprehensive and digital-driven approach to corporate performance maximization.

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