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Free software Application Development company Columbus, Cleveland, Dublin, cincinnati, Toledo, Akron, Dayton, Canton, Youngstown, west chester, Ohio, Indiana, Indianapolis, Illinois, springfield, Kentucky, Virginia, pennsylvania, Harrisburg, West Virginia, charleston *

Our Application Development Services help customers address evolving business and technology challenges by defining, designing, and deploying applications tailored to meet their business requirements. Tenara delivers high quality, easy-to-maintain, flexible applications using the Collaborative Engagement Model. Best of software engineering methodologies, combined with tools, frameworks, and accelerators to deliver lower cost and faster time-to-market benefits.

Tenara’s application development services offers customers with:

    Server-Side Development

    Our team of highly skilled server engineers develop high performance Java, .NET, Ruby, and C++ services and APIs that power your web and mobile front ends. We enforce high coding standards and promote extensible and reusable code. We perform frequent code reviews to ensure that our work is consistent and meets highest standards.

    Web Development

    Our experienced Web 2.0 developers crank up extensible and high quality HTML/JavaScript, Ruby on Rails and HTML5 code to power your web applications. Whether you are creating a social media site, an online game, or an e-commerce portal, our web team delivers highly scalable solutions that meet your current business needs, as well as satisfy your future demands.

    User Experience Design

    We collaborate with clients and end users to design simplistic, modern and exceptional user experiences for your web and mobile applications. Our UX architects produce comprehensive wireframes to help conceptualize your ideas, while our UX designers lay the final touches to bring your product to life.

    Agile Project Management

    We are a very delivery-focused organization, and we adopt industry standard agile best practices as the core of our delivery model.

    Every website and business has unique application needs that should to be developed according to its requirements. The advent of the internet has altered the manner in which business functions are achieved. The internet has changed the face of shopping, trading, recruitment, consultancy, banking and employment. Every website requires application development that facilitates smooth functioning, organized data storage and excellent customer service.

    Tenara offers scalable, versatile and secure web applications that enhance the functioning of any website. We realize that every website and business requires application development that is unique to it and offer the same. We have a wide and varied experience in application development for various industries including specialist tasks such as medical billing and medical transcription.

    The many technologies we use to provide optimal application development include the following:

    • OS
    • Windows
    • Linux
    • Front-end Technologies

      • .NET
      • C, C++ and C#
      • VB

      Web Technologies

      • HTML
      • ASP
      • JSP
      • PHP
      • Java and Javascript


      • Oracle
      • SQL
      • Access

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      We offer our services to Columbus, Cleveland, Dublin, cincinnati, Toledo, Akron, Dayton, Canton, Youngstown, west chester, Ohio, Indiana, Indianapolis, Illinois, springfield, Kentucky, Virginia, pennsylvania, Harrisburg, West Viginia, charleston

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Tenara Technologies Columbus ohio was founded on a core principle – we will serve our clients the way they want to be served. We provide the experience, expertise, resources and tools needed to help clients succeed, yet nimble enough to ensure clients get premium support and service.

Our core competencies are in the areas of Web Design, Ecommerce solutions, Mobile Application development, Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Oracle BI, HFM, Informatica, Business Intelligence, Application Development, Data Warehousing, Business Process Outsourcing, Infrastructure Support, Microsoft dynamics and Software Quality Management. Our expertise serves a variety of industries such as Financial, Retail enterprises, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Insurance, E-business and Telecommunications.

Our focus and goal, each day, is to help companies grow and prosper by finding capable individuals in critical positions around the world. As we realize that your success defines ours, we work diligently to help you with your needs, based on core business principles of – quality, integrity and efficiency. For aspirants looking to enhance their career prospects, we provide an opportunity and help them realize their goals.

We continue to focus on developing long-term relationships with our customers and work hard to design, develop and implement integrated enterprise solutions that increase business value, help deliver faster time to market and enable continuous innovation. Our philosophy of “Client first” and “Can Do” attitude defines the approach and performance to ensure customer satisfaction.

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